Kristian Stanfill - Lord Of All tab

The Asus is a g shape a

Verse 1:
Em                 C        D              g
Wonder and awe surround you Lord.
Em             C     D        g
Glory and fire light your way.
Em             C            D           g
Day after day the heavens proclaim the beauty
Em   C   D    g
Of the holy one.

Asus               g   Asus                g
We will respond with joy and a song.
Asus                Em      C                Em              D
Your enemies rise, your enemies fall, Your fire consumes them all

There is none so high and holy.
King of Kings the one and only.
C                            D
You are adored, you are the Lord of all.

Verse 2:
Mysteries unknown are known to you.

All wisdom is yours to reveal.

You hold in your hand the days of all men

All life and breath is yours to give.

We adore/love you
We adore/love you
C                    g
Lord of all the earth/ Let our hearts be pure oh Lord.
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