Kristian Stanfill - Say Say chords

this is my first tab and i'm pretty sure this is right please rate it
this is from the new passion album: Awakening and is an awesome song

capo 3

Intro(play the 3 on the e string open b/c the capo is there):E------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------------|b-6-6-5-5----------------------------------------------|e---------3-3-3-6-6-8-8-8-8-8-8-8----------------------|
Verse 1:
GSome hope in what their eyes can see
CWe hope in the glorious unseen
Em7 CIn a risen and returning King
GSome are chasing the treasures of this world
CWe run to a glorious reward
Em7 CThe only name worth living for
GSay say, say you believe it
CSing loud, sing like you mean it
Em7We know and we declare it
DJesus is King
Verse 2:
GWe set our hearts on what will last
CYour word, Your love, Your faithfulness
Em7 COur hope is built on nothing less
GWe open wide our mouths to praise
CLet this generation raise
Em7 CA song of freedom all our days
(Chorus) Bridge:
GI believe
CYour kingdom come
Em7Son of God
CThe King of love
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