Kristian Stanfill - Day After Day chords

Day After Day 
(Capo 4 for original key of B)
Kristian Stanfill

Verse 1
G CMen will try to rule the world You made
Em But we know power is Yours alone to
Dgive and take
G CA day will come when every knee will bow
Em And every tongue confess that You are
C DLord both now and forever
G D/F#Day after day our God is reigning
EmHe's never shaken
CMy hope is in the Lord
G D/F#Time after time our God is faithful
EmTrustworthy Savior
C C..My hope is in the Lord
Verse 2
G CThe fear of man and what they plan will fade
When we know you alone are God of Deveryday
G CLike the flowers man will rise and fall
Em But you are everlasting never-ending
C DGod eternal
C D/F#Let the songs of adoration rise
EmOur God is reigning up on high
D/F#He's worthy to receive the praise and the glory
C D.. (x2)
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