Kristian Stanfill - Alive And Running chords

Capo 4 (B)

G, C (2x)

Verse 1
Gsalvation came to us
now we are free forever made alive by the Savior's touch now death can't hold us under
C D Em Gright here, right now come bring Him adoration
C D Em Drise up, sing out, this song of joy and freedom
G Cwe have seen the Son
G C DJesus risen One
Em7 D/F# G Am7His light came down to us
C D Gnow we're alive and running to the world
Verse 2
Gbeauty revealed to us
our eyes are wide with wonder caught by the brightness of the glory of the Father
C D Em Gour eyes, have not seen, something so captivating
C D Em Dwe'll go, we're You lead, to the ends of the earth proclaiming
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge
Gthere is none shining brighter
Am7than the son of the Father
G/B who has come to bring freedom
C Dsusto the heart of man
G You shine brighter than the brightest light
Cthat the world could show
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