Kristian Stanfill – You Will Reign chords

Verse 1
COh great God, there's nothing You can't do
FOh great God, you speak and mountains move
Am  F        CWe believe, we believe
COh great God, there's none outside Your reach
FOh great God, give us faith to see
Am  F          CAnd believe, we believe
         F         C            Am  GWith You all things are possible
F            C           Am   GIt's true that You are unstoppable
F                     CYour light will never fade
Am            G           FYour promises remain unchanged
Am         GYou will reign
Verse 2
COh great God, there's power in Your name
FOh great God, we're rising up to say
Am   F         CWe believe, we believe
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge
F            C         Am  GThere is none so able
F                    CTo mend broken hearts
Am            GHeal every sickness
F           C         Am  GThere is none so able
F               CTo waken the dead
Am               GLight up the darkness
(Repeat Chorus) © 2011 sixsteps Music/ Songs (Admin. at (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Timber Publishing obo Windsor HIll Music/Songy/ATV Timber Publishing (SESAC). Used by permission.
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