Kristian Stanfill – One Thing Remains chords ver. 2

Radio version

Capo 4

Em C G D (x2)

C G DAnd it's higher than the mountains that I face
C G DAnd it's stronger than the power of the grave
C G DIt's constant in the trial and the change
C G D C G DThis one thing remains, this one thing remains
Em CYour love never fails, it never gives up
G DNever runs out on me. (repeat 3x)
Post Chorus:
Em C G DYour love
C G DAnd on and on and on and on it goes
C G DIt overwhelms and satisfies my soul
C G DAnd I never ever have to be afraid
C G DThis one thing remains
Repeat chorus (x3) follow by post chorus (x1) BRIDGE:
C G D Em C G DIn death, in life, I'm confident and covered by the power of your great love
C G D Em C G DMy debt is paid there's nothing that can separate my heart from your great love
Repeat chorus (x2) Repeat verse 2 Repeat chorus (x3) OUTRO:
Em C G Your love, Your love
D Em C G DGod I know your love never ending, Your love is never failing
Em C G D Csus2 (032002x)Your love, Your love, Your love
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