Kristofer Astrom - Yeah Oh Thats Nice tab

Bb F/A F|----------------|---------------------||----------------|---------------------||-------3--------|---------------------||-----3-----3----|-----3---------------||-0h1-----0---0--|-(0)-----3---------3-||----------------|-------1---1-(1)-1---|
Bb F/A F|----------------|-----------------------||----------------|-----------------------||-------3--------|-----------------------||-----------3----|-----3-----------------||-0h1-1---1---0--|-(0)---0-3-----------3-||----------------|-----------1-(1)-(1)---|
Bb F/A F Bb-5 Bb|----------------|----------------|-------------|----------------------||----------------|----------------|-------------|----------------------||-------3--------|----------------|-------------|----------------------||-----------3----|---3------------|-2--2---2-2--|-(2)-3-(3)-3-3-(3)----||-0h1-1---1---0--|-0---0-3------3-|-1--1-1-1-1--|-(1)-1-(1)---------1--||----------------|---------1--1---|-------------|----------------------|
Stick: F Gm F/A F F Gm F/A Gm F how about tomorrow how about we share the day how about tonight at some safe place how come it happened how come I couldn't see how come I'm not to you what I could be say you're not a dream tell me you're my victory the rain is fighting with my windows wants to get in if I could heal you if I could promise you everything will be fine you know I would
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