Kristofer Astrom - Cat Eye Song tab

Fig 1:

(G/D) (G/C) (G/D)|-----------------------------------------------------||----0-----------(0)------------------------(0)---(0)-||----------------(0)-0--------0-------------(0)---(0)-||-5-----(0)----------0--0h2---------(0)---------------||-5---------2h3-------------3---(3)-----3h5-----5-----||-----------------------------------------------------|
Fig 2:
(G) (A5) (G/D)(C) (D)|----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||-4-4---0-----(0)--------0----(0)-----0-------0------------||-5---5---5h7------7p5-5---2------------0h2-----2h4-4-(h5)-||-----5---5h7------7p5-5---3------(3)-------3---3h5-5------||----------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Fig 1 (2x) Vers: Fig 1 (4x) G/D G/C and I've been hoping G/D that you'd come G/C I've been losing G/D morning sun G/C and you break my heart G/D when I'm alone G/C some men cope G/D but I'm not that strong Fig 2 (2x) when you come over the pain is gone stay the night or take me home it's all your power it's your cat eye song it makes me wonder will you stay long
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