Kristofer Astrom - Just Another Lovesong tab

Kristofer Astrom - Just Another Lovesong Chords

I hope everything sounds right. These are my first Chords, published.
I will tab out the intro, in a few weeks. Shouldn't be too difficult.
It contains the same chords, just picked.
I hope you enjoy this wonderfull song and my chords.
Improvement suggestions to caesar-aka-julius(at)

Capo 3 fret

am          C
I was still watching

am            G
When you fell asleep

am                C     am    G 
When you laid your head on my arm

am              C
But I was still sleeping

am              G
when you walked away

     am             C       am   G
When you closed the door to move on


    am em     C
And I decided to

F      C         G
Search the world for you

am  em      C  G
I   decided to give it all

So on...

But I was too weak
I gave up on it all
Said anything goes
In love and war
Yeah I'd given up searching
Said I'm never gonna fall again
'Cause love never comes when you call

Then I laid eyes on you
And all the songs came true
I'd do anything for you

So here comes another
Just like all the others
What's wrong with a "silly love song"
I will always love you
You're always on my mind
Ps. I love you.
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