Kruger Brothers - Appalachian Mist chords

			     Appalachian Mist - Kruger Brothers
Tabbed by: Lee Howard

G DThey took me for a while
Gand who am I to say
G C GRight or wrong my heart will know the answer.
G Dmemories will remain
GDon't ask me to explain
C Gcause there's no way I can tell you what I've been through
G Call through the night
G40 seemed shorter than it ever did.
D GNow I'm winding along through the appalachian mist
G C GI'm going home and I can't wait to see you again
D Gand it's been way to long since I held you in my arms.
time went on so fast. and nothing seemed to last and like a fool I was running through the darkness trying to find the way and hoping that someday I'll look back in peace and not in anger CHORUS always on my mind afraid that I would find the world that I once knew laying in ashes you promised that you would wait so I know it's not too late. to hurry back to where I know I'm welcome. CHORUS
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