Ks Choice - Quiet Little Place tab

Arabella Pagaling did it and i'm just making it like in the song....
e:|  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
B:|  0  |  0  |  0  |  5  |  0  |
G:|  9  |  8  |  6  |  6  |  7  |
D:|  9  |  9  |  7  |  6  |  7  |
A:|  7  |  9  |  7  |  7  |  5  |

standard tuning:

intro:	E - B - A 
	E				      B
In this quiet little place I can't remember 
having known a different pace
	E			         B
In this quiet little place I can't surrender 
to the beauty of its face
And now everything I see whether it's an 
B			           A
airplane or a tree it makes me wonder
Like the things I must have missed and 
	B				   A
this chains around my wrists they are no longer
	E-B-A  ----- E-B-A 
	E			      B
In this quiet little place I can't imagine what it's
like to be back home
Where they care about what time it is
         B				       A	
and spend their days answering the phone
And now everything I feel whether it's 
B				A 
 fiction or it's real it's so much clearer
Like the color of this light it seems more 
B				       A
 dangerous and bright but I don't fear her

          E	D		        A
and slowly it fades I'm back in the race
	     E           D			   A	     E-B-A ....E-B-A
I have to fight it, I know I don't wanna go away

**  (Now here comes Alanis Morissette, playing the harmonica) 
in this part, keep on playing  E-B-A 

In this quiet little place
		B				A
you run your fingers to my hair and whispered hey
But no matter how I tried, 
can't seem to think of anything better to say

Israel rulez!!!
Made By Arabella Pagaling
Changed by Avizag = IL...
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