Kt Tunstall – Paper Aeroplane chords

Hi, this my fist go at this, but hope it sounds okay. Feel free to email me any
corrections or improvements. Chords are at the bottom, and the chords in brackets
(Gmaj7) are optional - it sounds okay without them, but they just help it flow
from one chord to the next better. Enjoy!

Paper Aeroplane by KT Tunstall (Drastic Fantastic)Acoustic Version.

D   Dmaj7   G   Em   Gmaj7   D   X 2

Verse 1

D Dmaj7 GWell this stone that I have swallowed
Em (Gmaj7) Disn't going down so well,
Dmaj7 Gand this road that I have followed
Em (Gmaj7) Dis leading me to hell.
Dmaj7 GYou said it didn't matter
Em (Gmaj7) Dbut I think you're a liar.
Dmaj7 GIs this one of you talents
Em (Gmaj7) Athat stokes the very fire.
AIt burns you.
Em Gmaj7Each time you try to live,
Aand the Earth will turn below you,
Em Gmaj7 Dthe pressure is building and something has to give.
D Dmaj7 G Em Gmaj7 D X 2 Verse 2
D Dmaj7 GAnd when I build you a steeple
Em (Gmaj7) Dyou say it's incomplete.
D Dmaj7 GCause you need the whole cathedral
Em (Gmaj7) Dto satisfy your needs.
D Dmaj7 GYou're like a paper aeroplane
Em (Gmaj7) Dthat never seems to land.
D Dmaj7 GFlying blind through anything,
Em (Gmaj7) Astraight into the hand that chokes you.
D Dmaj7 G Em Gmaj7 DBridge
D Dmaj7 G Em Gmaj7 DSomething has to give
D Dmaj7 GSomething has to give
Em Gmaj7 DSomething has to give
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