Kt Tunstall - False Alarm tab

KT Tunstall - False Alarm

Not 100% convinced about the chorus but it's the best I've been able to do so far.

G	320033
G/F#	x20032
Am	x02210
Am7 	x02213
D7	XX0212
Em	022000
F	X33210
E7	022130
C	X32010

Intro riff -

D7 G I'm trying to put this thing to bed G/F# I've drugged it in it's sleep Am There isn't many memories D7 I'm comfortable to keep G This ball keeps rolling on G/F# It's heading for the streets Am7 Keep expecting you to send for me Intro riff The invitation never comes Each time I turn around There's nothing there at all So tell me why I feel like I'm up against a wall Em But maybe it's a false alarm D7 And all the answers sound the same F Just colours bleeding into one E That doesn't have a name C Maybe I can't see (intro riff) Maybe it's just me Now the curtain's coming up The audience is still I'm struggling to cater for The space I'm meant to fill And distance doesn't care No distance doesn't care Each time I turn around Maybe it's a false alarm I'm trying to put this thing to bed I drugged it in it's sleep Remember what you said Are you comfortable to
keep it keep itE----2-2h3p2---------2-2h3p2---------2-2h3p2-----------2-2h3p2-----|B---1-------1-------0-------0-------1-------1---------0-------0----|G--2---------2-----2---------2-----2---------2-------2---------2---|D-0---------------0---------------0----------------0---------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------|
Asus EE------0h1p0----0----|B-----0-----0---0----|G----1-------1--1----|D---2-----------2----|A---------------2----|E-0-------------0----|
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