Kula Shaker - Peter Pan Rip tab

           *KULA SHAKER - PETER PAN R.I.P.*
Guitar chords
Tabbed by gueguet33

inspired by (wonderful)acoustic version visited at :


Em G e|-------------------|B|-------0-------3-0-|G|---------0---------|D|-----2-------0-----| x4A|-------------------|E|---0-------3-------|
Verse 1 : -------- Em C Gather 'round G Am This is the tumbstone Em C G Am Of Peter Pan R.I.P. Em C Say a prayer G Am For all the children Em Everyone Am Em C That still believes C Am Em Peter Pan R. I. P. Bridge : Em G Em Am (x2) -------- Verse 2 : --------- Clear the leaves From his rest of place Chase the cold Across the street Let the sun Warm his bleeding heart Boy, you meant so much to me Peter Pan R.I.P. Chorus : -------- Am Peter Pan E7 He won't come back C They chained his feet Bm And broke his back Em G Em Am I'm crying Em G Em Am Remembering the days Em G Em Crying sweet tears of joy Am Em Remembering the days G Am Em (let ring..) The games that we played Bridge : Em G Em Am x2 -------- Verse 3 : --------- Now we know This ain't no fairytale His grave is there For all to see Gather 'round All good children Gather 'round the memory Peter Pan R.I.P. Chorus ------ End : ----- Em Bm Em e|----0-0-0-- B|--0-2-3-5-- Em G Em Am Em G Em Am Peter P. R.I.P. Peter P. R.I.P. Peter P. R.I.P. Peter P. R.I.P. Peter P. Rest In Peace
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