Kula Shaker - 108 Battles Of The Mind chords

108 (battles of the mind) by Kula Shaker

On lines that start with E
the first chord on each line is down strummed quickly twice
then palm muted until the next chord which is strummed normally.
Alternatively you can strum the first chord and let it ring,
 but I find the palm mute more effective
The rest of the song is strummed as you feel.

Riff (optional for verses)E|-4-4-4-4-5--5-5-7-7-7-5--7-5-4--|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|Something on my mind....
Verse 1
E EThere's something on my mind but i don't want to talk about it
E EI'm saying my goodbyes though we haven't begun to party
C D GOh baby, it's all a catastrophe,
C D GOh lover, it's not how it used to be.
E EI'm just a man who's battling with his mind.
EA hundred and eight battles within the...
G Bm DMind's forever changing what you began,
G Bm DLife's a waste of time, (its just a waste of time)
G Bm DMind's forever changing what you began,
G Bm DBattle with your mind.
(same chords for verses) Verse 2 There's magic in my eyes But I don't want to look into it, There's thunder in the skies And I'm frightened of what it's doing. Enjoi :) Benwillreid
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