Kula Shaker - Hurricane Season chords

                             Hurricane Season - Kula Shaker
Tabbed by: Callum "David James" Greig
Email: whats_the_story13@hotmail.co.uk

Tuning: EADGBe (Standard tuning)

Intro: Has some riffs i haven't figured out but it's all based around Cm

Verse 1:

CmHe was an outcast of the islands sailing cross the sea
Bending the horizon, bearing the breeze.
CmHe was searching for a treasure, buried long ago
Cos nothing lasts forever, except what you donít know.
Eb CmHe werenít afraid of dying, or stepping through that door
Eb Bb CmThe compass started reeling, and he stared into the storm.
Eb Bb CmSoon everything was rolling and moaning like a hound
Eb Bb Cm And an angry ton of water......knocked him to the ground
Chorus 1:
FAnd it kinda stands to reason
FIt was hurricane season.
CmHey, Hey, Hey
Verse 2:
Cm Eb CmHe was hanging in the darkness, holding to the line
Cm Eb CmFaces in the water, of folks he left behind
CmSaying boy, you must be crazy, you should'a stayed at home
Eb Bb CmStuck with what you started, stuck with what youíd known
Eb Bb Cm Now the sea had come to take him & snuff him like a light
Eb BbIn the black and heavy water
CmWith a black and heavy sigh
Chorus: 2
FAnd it kinda stands to reason
FIt was hurricane season
CmHey, Hey, Hey
Interlude: F, Cm, EbI like to add an improvised guitar solo aroudn here, on the sacle of C
Verse 3:
Cm Eb CmHe called out to angels; he called into the deep
Cm Eb CmHe said, God, if you can hear me, give me some relief.
Eb CmI ainít here to ask for favours, donít wanna ask for gold
Eb Bb CmI only want possession....possession of my soul
Eb Bb Cm Iím begging for your mercy, Iím begging for you, please
Eb Bb CmIím just a simple traveller....<>lost upon the sea
Chorus 3:
FAnd it kinda stands to reason
FIt was hurricane season
CmHey, Hey, Hey
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