Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever tab version 1

Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever

Capo 5

Strum the chords while playing the riff. Listen to the song for strum pattern. C G Bb Bbmaj7 F--0-0-----0-0-0----0------------------------------------------------------|-------3-------------0----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------3-2-------------------------------------------| x2--------------------------------3--3--------------------------------------|-3------------------------1-----------------------------------------------|----------------3------------------1--------------------------------------|
Bb Eb Bb Bbmaj7 F Gm Bb Eb Bb Bbmaj7 F------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------4-3-------------------------------------------4-3---------------|--3-2--0h2----3-3-3----3-2---------------0----3------0-3----3-3-3----3-2------|------3-----1--------------3---3---------0----3----3------1--------------3--3-|-1-------------------1--------------------------1------------------1----------|------------------------------1--------3---3--------------------------------1-|
Fdim Bbm F---------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------2-----1----3-1---------------------------------------------|-----1--------3---3--------------------------------------------------------|---3---0------3------3---3-----3-------------------------------------------|---2-----3--1--------------------------------------------------------------|-1-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C G I pack my suitcase with myself Bb Bbmaj7 F but I'm already gone C G I cleanse myself with vitamin health Bb Bbmaj7 F but I'm already gone Bb Eb I saw a rising through the river rising Bb Bmaj7 F and I saw it fall Gm Bb Eb The Jesus fever is falling all over you Bb Bmaj7 F believers and lovers Fdim Bbm F In a black bowl I found a broken skull now I'm already gone. You can write my whole life down in a little book when I'm already gone. I started shaking and my heart breaking, and my belly crawls, The Jesus fever is falling all over you believers and lovers When I'm a ghost, I see no reason to run, When I'm already gone! If it wasn't taped you could escape this song, But I'm already gone
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