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Kutless – Vow tab

This is their most amazing song and I love it. PLEASE rate.

C#m       A               C#m                 G#m
Another year has come and gone but nothings changed
I've wasted another year doing the same old things
I want to break out of this and turn my life around
C#m            A             C#m             F#m       
I'm going to make a vow to repent an turn to You.

E          A                     E                B     C#m 
I'm crying out to You now as I make my new years vow
                 A                       E      B                               
I'll tell You I love You and I'll honor You somehow
         C#m                 A                E                       
Hear my promise to You in my new years vow I give
You all of me
           C#m                       A                           
You'll be all of my life and I'll never think twice to
    E                    B
do all that You have for me
In my new years vow

Lord I'll do my best to do, all that I say
I'm not perfect but I know, it's OK
If I stumble You won't condemn my shame
I'm going to make a vow to repent an turn to You
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