Kutless – Need chords

Need – Kutless
Am GYou tore the veil so my eyes could see
F EmYour open arms Right in front of me
Am GLord I feel blind make the darkness flee
F EmYou know exactly what I need
Am C F EmHelp me God I do believe, I feel lost and it’s killing me
Am C F-Em Am CI need you right now God please answer me
F EmI know you’re here but it’s hard to see
Am C F EmI need you right now
Am GTrying myself to figure it out Its like standing on sand and swimming in doubt
FI know I’m not alone
Am EmIf all of this time You’ve been waiting Am
Em D All of this time for me to say it Now
EmI’m calling out
Chorus Pre-Chorus
Am EmIt’s You, It’s You, It's You
Chorus Pre-Chorus
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