Kutless – Restore Me chords

Restore Me


Am   F   C   G
Am   F   C   G

Verse 1:

Am F C GSearch my heart my every thought
Am F C GShine the light of truth on every part
Am F C GLet me see myself through who You are
FWhere else can I go
GOnly You can make me whole
C GRestore me, pull me out of darkness, for Your glory
FLet the waves of mercy wash over me, holy, holy
C GHoly, I wanna see the fullness of Your majesty
FThe beauty in the scars You're wearing for me
CJesus, please restore me
Verse 2:
Am F C GBroken now; I'm at Your feet
Am F C G‘Cause without, Your love I'm incomplete
Am F C GYou're my only hope to be set free
FWhere else can I go
GOnly you can make me whole
[Repeat Chorus] Bridge:
Dm Am G FBy Your wounds we are healed, in Your death You revealed perfect love
Dm Am GBy Your grace we are saved, freedom's price has been paid
F GThrough sacrifice You gave us life
Am G/BNow from the grave we can rise
[Repeat Chorus x 2] Tag:
GPlease restore me
FRestore me
CJesus, please restore me
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