Kutless - Jesus Lord Of Heaven tab

i dont know if this is the correct way to play it, but it sounds excelent to me and i 
it does for you too. the chords in this song are G, D, Em/Em7, C/C2, D. God Bless!

Capo 4:
verse 1:

  G                   D
Jesus, Lord of Heaven,
I do not deserve
the grace that You have given
and the promise of Your word.

  G                     D
Lord, I stand in wonder
of the sacrifice You made
with mercy beyond measure.
My debt You freely paid.

  G             D
Your love is deeper than any ocean,
  Em7    C2
higher than the heavens,
  G      D                       C2
reaches beyond the stars in the sky.

  Em7             D         C2
Jesus, Your love has no bounds
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