Kyla – What More Can I Say tab

Title: What More Can I Say
Artist: Kyla
Album: A Gary Valenciano All-Star Tribute Collection

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Intro: G-F#7-Bm7(sus)- 4x

GM7          F#7           Bm7
You aksed me once sometime ago
     GM7          F#7
The reason for my loving you
And waiting you more and more
   GM7                 F#m7
You know that I still love you
  GM7                F#m7
But should I let things be
   GM7                         F#m7
Cause saying that there's someone new
Is much too much for me
GM7             F#7         Bm7
How long has this been going on?
How long has it been since he
F#7             Bm7
Held you in his arms

     GM7                    F#m7
Now what are you tryring to tell me
GM7                    F#m7
What made you feel this way
GM7                    F#m7
I'd rather you say it out to me
 Em7              A7
Than hurt me this way


   Ebm7                         Abm
Cause I close my eyes, Thinking of ways to make you realize
    EM7                      F#
How hard it is for me to see you go


                  GM7    F#7             Bm7
What more can I say, You're going away this time for real
             GM7     F#7             Bm7
Now who is to blame, Is it you, is it me
Is it right for him to steal you
F#7         Bm7                         GM7
Steal you away, You've always been my darling
    F#7           Bm7
You know I want to stay

GM7       F#7                Bm7
This time tomorrow you'll be gone
  GM7                         F#7
It's hard to believe we got to end 
What's hardly just begun


 G                 Em
Tell me that this is not
           A                          D   
What it seems to be, Just hold me tight and  say
     F#7                A        
I'm dreaming, cause I can't believe you're
 B          F
leaving me beind
Don't let the pain disguise the fire
(repeat refrain)
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