Kyla – Let The Love Begin tab

Let The Love Begin
by:yan2nick2=wjian_17 &
   *pra sa inyo to mga tol,(lalo na ky angel locsin,idol ko yan)
  *hello 2 my frends,michael & charisse,mark & tata,jojo & kenneth...
   *at sa love ko....Diane...
  *sa fanz namin ni diane...thank u thank u...
           !!!mabuhay tayo!!!


Bb     Eb           F
Look at us, Ain't it funny
       Dm               Gm 
Is it just beginner's luck
 Cm7-Fsus,F       Bb
Maybe,hmmm... with just a touch
Eb               F 
Two different people
           F#dim             Gm
From such different worlds apart
        C7                   F
Has touched each other's hearts 
        Dm           Eb
Like candles in the dark 
So if it's time for us
We've gotta take it
Take the chance
The chance to make it 

Db/F            F# 
Let the love begin 
Ab7/C                 Fm  Bbm7
Let the light come shining in 
F#                   Ab               Db
Who knows where the road will lead us now 
Db/F                  F#
Look at what we've found 
F           F/A Bbm      Ab   Eb/G
Make this moment turn our hearts around
      F#             Db/F 
It may never come again 
        Ebm-Ab             A
Let it end, Let the love begin 

    Bb         Eb
Ooh.. Here we are
So close together 
       Dm            Gm     Cm7    Fsus,F
I can feel the fire start between us
Ooh...we've come this far 
Eb          F
Too far to stop it now
  F#dim              Gm 
If this is meant to be (it's meant to be)
C7   F                       
A chance for you and me (for you and me)
       Dm          Eb 
We found our destiny 
            Cm7         Dm
Now we're lookin' at a new forever
F#                     Ab 
Make this dream come true together 

Eb/G                 Ab
Look at what we've found
G          G/B    Cm         Bb     F/A 
Make this moment turn our hearts around
         A/B          Eb/G 
It may never come again (never come again) 
        Fm-Bb               C         
Let it end, Let the love begin.
thank u,thank u... sana mgustuhan nyo at ma in-love na kayo..
special thanks 2,pre!bryon,juluis,6th gate sa cpu,engot...
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