Kyla - I Dont Have A Heart tab

Title: I don't have a heart
Artist: Kyla

           This is the new sonf Kyla to HEre NEw Album
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VErse 1:
G                    D
Your face is beaming
 C                      C
You say it's case you're dreaming
 G            Eb  D     G
Of how good it's going to be
You say you've been around
  C                    C
And now you've finally found
  Am7              G         C#dim7  D
everything you wanted and needed in me

              C                D
I don't have the heart to hurt you
           C               G
It's the last thing I wanna do
  F#             C               D
But I don't have the heart to love you
 C    C               F-G-F-G
Not the way you want to me to

VErse 2:
 G             D
Inside I'm dying
Seeing you crying
 G      Eb         D       G
How can I make you understand
 G              D
I care about you
So much about you
 Am              G         C#dim7      D
 I'm trying to say this, as gently as I can

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
Am7          G
You're so trusting
And open
 Em                Ebdim7
Hoping that love will start
 G                  C
But I don't have the heart
       G            C
Oh no, I don't have the heart
(repeat chorus)
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