Kyle Park – Baby Im Gone chords

**Chords in (.) are with kapo on 3rd fret (as recorded).

Bb(G) Here I go, I'm tearing down this road
Gm(Em)Where I'll stop next I don't know
Eb(C) Bb(G)But I'm gone, baby, I'm gone
It took six months for me to finally see
Gm(Em)That you didn't really care about me
Eb(C) So I'm gone, baby
Bb(G)I'm gone wherever my heart takes me
Eb(C)Gone just as fast as I can
Bb(G) Gm(Em) F(D) Eb(C) [F(D)] only last chorus]Your hold on me was more than I could take in the end
Bb(G)I'm gone and I'm probably half crazy
Gm(Em)Gone right out of my mind
Bb(G) Gm(Em) F(D) Eb(C)But at least I'm finally gone like you've been for all of this time
It seemed for the most part that our love was true Except for those nights I spent waiting up on you Now I'm gone, baby, I'm gone I hoped someday you and I could settle down But all that's changed now that I'm leaving town I'm gone, baby CHORUS BRIDGE
Cm(Am) F(D) Eb(C)You always would say I could never make it out on my own
Gm(Em) F(D) Eb(C)Well watch me now and see if I ever bring it on back home
CHORUS [Thanks to Nikki for tabs]
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