Kylie Minogue - Turn It Into Love chords

Not the same key as the recording but a great arrangement if doing an acoustic 
guitar version of this song...

Am F G Do you believe I'd let you down
C C/B AmYour jealous heart gave you the runaround
Fmaj7You couldn't see
EThat I would always be your friend
Am F G If you can look inside your heart
C C/B AmAnd understand what's tearing you apart
Fmaj7You gotta trust someone
EDon't let hate get in the way
FJust turn it into love
GTurn it into love
C C/BAnd open up your heart and you'll
Am GNever feel ashamed if you
F G C ETurn it, turn it, turn it into love
VERSE 2 When all your other friends are gone I'll still be here to help you carry on If you have faith in me Then I'll believe in you You are the first thing on my mind Do you believe I wouldn't have the time I have to make you see You can't push the pain on me REPEAT CHORUS
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