Kari Kimmel – Black chords

[Intro] x2

[Verse 1]
EmWhen everything is turned to black
GYou don’t know where to go
AYou need something
                 EmTo justify your soul
[Verse 2]
Em  G  A  EmSilence is broken
Confidence is gone Everything you’re Holding on to falls [Instrumental] (Intro) [Verse 3]
Em  G  A  EmAll the people selling truths
On every corner now They wait until the fears Has knocked you down [Verse 4]
Em  G  A  EmAll the rules are changing now
You’re living in sin Everything around you is caving in [Pre-Chorus]
GAll you’re holding on to
                CSlipping like water through your hands
[Instrumental] (Intro) [Chorus]
Em  G  A  EmAnd you sing  La la la la X3
Ya you sing  La la la la X3 [Verse 5]
Em  G  A  EmFar off in the distance
Somewhere you can’t see Allegiances have formed your destiny [Verse 6]
Em  G  A  EmOpposition all around
Feeding off your soul Trying hard to swallow up you whole [Pre-Chorus]
G  CAnd the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul [Chorus]
Em  G  A  EmAnd you sing  La la la la X3
Ya you sing  La la la la X3 (Repeat Chorus)
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