Katy Perry – The Box chords

[Verse 1]
AmI was living in a small mind
With no lifeline
CAnd no messages can reach me from the outside
FWhen I looked out over the horizon
EDidn’t notice the sun was setting or just rising
AmThen it hit me
Maybe bit me
CThen I knew, quite a few would not go with me
FI didn’t know exactly where I would be going
EBut I had to let this river in me flowing
F GWhat a ride
AmWhen you open your eyes
GFor the very first time
F GA real surprise
AmI started living outside of the box
CCrossing over lines where I always used to stop
FLiving outside of the box
E‘Cause I’m not gonna be anybody that I’m not
I always knew this day would come When I got off my back, found some motivation I’ve been living on the other side Come hell or high water every moment I’m alive
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