Kehlani – Too Deep chords

C G C Em    C      D  Am  C  Em  G  C     G  D

[Verse 1]
Am Em AmI argue with my side thing (Yuh)
Em CWay more than my main thing (Yuh)
CI thought we were just fuckin'
DI can't fall in love for nothin'
GI can't lie to you for nothin'
DI made you who you wasn't, we was candy crushin'
G AmBut this shit getting too deep (Yeah yeah)
Em GToo deep (Yeah yeah)
D GToo deep for me
Em AmGetting too deep (Yeah yeah)
Em DToo deep (Yeah yeah)
GToo deep for me
Am GThis shit too deep
[Verse 2]
GToo aggravated, too complicated
GMore, more, more, more complicated
Am CLe-le-le-less communication
G DLess conversation, more confrontation
GI'ma catch a case, no exoneration
Em GI'ma go to jail, now I'm contemplating
C DI don't know what you see in me
GI don't ever wanna be with you
AmI don't know why you pass for it
Em GWasting energy texting me
DText messages, threat messages
Bm Am Em AmI don't wanna think less of you, no (No)
Em G DI just wanna see the best for you, yeah
G Em AmBut this shit getting too deep (Getting too)
Em AmToo deep (Deep, yeah)
G Am EmToo deep for me (Getting too deep)
AmGetting too deep (Yeah yeah)
EmToo deep (Yeah yeah)
G Bm GGetting Too deep (Too deep) for me
AmThis shit too deep
[Verse 3]
CToo many steps, too many levels
EmToo many laps, too many hurdles
DYou don't wanna get hurt by me
GI don't wanna be a crutch for ya
Am CToo insane, too irritated
GToo insufficient, too inconsistent
C GYou just wanna talk, I don't wanna listen
AmNow I wanna talk, you don't wanna listen
EmI don't ever wanna lose you again
GYou don't ever wanna see me again
DSay that I'm done, leave you alone
G D G EmMark you, then call you again (Again, again, again, again)
GAgain (Again, again)
GNot like this usually
Em G EmBut this shit is getting too deep (Yeah yeah)
C EmToo deep (Yeah yeah)
GToo deep for me
Am CGetting too deep (Just a little too)
EmToo deep (Little too deep)
Am GToo deep for me (Just a little too deep)
Am CThis shit too deep
[Outro] Em G C x3
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