Killing Heidi – Heaven Sent chords

Heaven sent

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah...
D G DWalking, always over windows
G DWeeping willow wind blows
G D G You are not alone
D G D Watching, for the sign its reading
G DOvertime I’m thinking
G Dyou are not alone
GOoh yeah...
Bmin time,
D GYou will find your heaven sent.
DWith my ass on the line
BmThe sign is reading overtime
G EI’m thinking you're heaven sent.
DYou're sent.
Bridge type thing
Bm GYou're heaven sent
Bmyou're heaven sent... etc
Dyou were sent to me.
GYou're heaven sent
Dyou're heaven sent
Gyou're heaven sent to me, you were sent to me...etc
D GNa da da da da da
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