King Crimson – Lady Of The Dancing Water chords

Em F#m G F#m A

[Verse 1]
D A Asus4 AGrass in your hair
Bm F#m Em A Asus4 AStretched like a lion in the sun
D A Asus4 ARestlessly turned
Bm F#m G AMoistened your mouth with your tongue
Em APouring my wine, your eyes caged mine
Em ATouching your face, my finger strayed
F#m D G Gm DI called you lady of the dancing water
[Instrumental] Em A Bm Em A D [Refrain]
F#m D G Gm D AOh lovely lady of the dancing water
[Verse 2]
D A Asus4 ABlown autumn leaves
Bm F#m Em AShed to the fire where you laid me
D A Asus4 ABurn slow to ash
Bm F#m Em AJust as my days now seem to be
Em AI feel you still, always your eyes
Em ARemembered hours, salt, earth and flowers
F#m D G Gm DFarewell my lady of the dancing water
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