I Know chords with lyrics by King Princess - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

King Princess – I Know chords

C  Fm
C  Fm  C
Am  G  C

[Verse 1]
C Fm CSo be it, I’m your crowbar
Fm CIf that’s what I am so far
Am G CUntil youuuu get out of this mess
Fm CAnd I will pretend
Fm CThat I don’t know of your sins
Am G FUntil you are ready to confess
[Pre-Chorus 1]
DmBut all the time
F7/C Dall the time
[Chorus 1]
C Fsus2I’ll know
C Fsus2I’ll know
[Verse 2]
C Fm CAnd you can use my skin
Fm CTo bury secrets in
Am G CAnd I will settle you down
Fm CAnd at my own suggestion
Fm CI will ask no questions
Am G FWhile I do my thing in the background
[Pre-Chorus 2]
DmBut all the time
F7/C Dall the time
[Chorus 2]
C Fsus2I’ll know
C Fsus2I’ll know
[Interlude] E Am G F G [Middle-eight]
AmI can't help you out
F7 CWhile she is still around
[Verse 3]
C Fm CSo for the time being
Fm C Am G CI'm being patieeeeent
Fm CAnd amidst this bitterness
Fm CIf you'll just consider this
Am G FEven if it don’t make sense
[Pre-Chorus 3]
Dm F7all the time
D CGive it time
[Verse 4]
Fm CAnd when the crowd becomes a burden
Fm CAnd you've early closed your curtain
Am G CI'll wait by the backstage door
C Fm CWhile you try to find
Fm CThe lines to speak your mind
Am G FAnd pry it open, hoping for an encore
[Pre-Chorus 4]
Dm F7And if it gets too late
Dfor me to wait
C EmFor you to find you love me
C C/B Amand tell me so
It’s ok, don’t need to say it C Fm C Fm C Fm C
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