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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 12:52:31 -0500
From: Donald Roe 
Subject: "Non-Existent Patricia" by L7

"Non-Existent Patricia"
from The Beauty Process: Triple Platnum

Non-Existent Patricia, room four-twenty-six. Non-Existent Patricia, does not exist. Non-Existent Patricia looks into the walls. was she at the party? no one could recall. Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia.....tricia. Did Patricia say something? Something I missed? It was spoken so softly, it didn't exist. Non-Existent Patricia, what's on her mind? She ain't sayin', she's being kind, kind, kind. Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia, Non-Existent Patricia....tricia....tricia.
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