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Subject: TAB: "the beauty process" by: L7

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^?the beauty process^?
from: the beauty process/ tripple platinum

normal tuning; distortionE|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------|D|4-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-4242-|A|4-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-42424-4-4242-|E|2-2-20202-2-20202-2-20202-2-20202-2-20202-2-20202-2-2020-|
the beauty process the beauty process the beauty process the beauty process the beauty beauty the process process the beauty process the beauty process
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