L7 – Bricks Are Heavy tab

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From: arken2@gfs01.cc.monash.edu.au (Andrew Kenter)
Subject: TAB: L7 Bricks are Heavy

Pretend we're Dead.

 B E A F# E F#

Slide between F# and E and again between E and F#

 Use the F type bar chord.

-------1--| (Low E, 6th string)--3----1--|--3----1--| Use your first finger to cover the entire fret.----2--1--|-------1--|-------1--|
Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about..... For example a "B" is on the 7th fret, so add 6 to all numbers giving -
-------7--| (Low E, 6th string)--9----7--|--9----7--|----8--7--|-------7--|-------1--| See the pattern? :-)
F=1st fret, F#=2nd fret, G=3rd, A=5th B=7th C=8th This type of bar chord is used in nearly all of their songs! Wargasm +++++++ Intro: C B A Ab (A flat) Main: G (3rd fret F type bar chord) and E When it changes key, it goes to A (instead of G) and F# Scrap +++++ E most of the song! Also has A#, F# and G in it. Diet Pill +++++++++ E F G Everglade +++++++++ E A# (6th fret) -----> G A G A G Slide between GAGAG (!) :-) Slide ++++++ Very easy song... :-) E G F# G F# E During chorus (and just before it) add a B B can also be played as an "A" type bar chord (For lazy guitarists eg: me!)
-------------2--|-------------2--|-------4-----2--|-------4-----2--|-------4-----2--| "B" chord-------------2--|
This is a derivative from the A chord...
-------------|-------------|-------2-----|-------2-----|-------2-----| "A" chord-------------|
One More Thing.... ++++++++++++++ Great song this. I also have worked out the tab for the intro. If anyone wants this, send personal email to the address below.... Main : F A# Ab (A flat) Chorus: A# C# A# Ab A# Ab A# 1 strum 2str 1str 2str 1str Note: Str is short for strum Shitlist ++++++++ Another good song once you have mastered the riff :)
---------------------------------------]--111-444-33--6--4-3-4---1-------------]--111-444-33--6--4-3-4---1-------------] And keep repeating....!---------------------------------------]---------------------------------------]---------------------------------------]
Make this rhythmic to the music. I have indicated the number of strums by the number of same notes together. The part of 4-3-4 , slide between these chords. 4-3-4 The whole riff is easiest (and sounds better) if you slide between most of the chords. If anyone wants some of the tabs (that I've worked out!) for the L7 album (that has titles such as Cool out and Snake Handler) please send personal e-mail (as I don't get time to read the entire newsgroup!). Any comments, queries, gratitude (!) or errors found in here, send e-mail to: arken2@gfs01.cc.monash.edu.au (Andrew Kenter) "It's life Jim, but not as we know it!" - Dr. Spock.
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