La Roux – Quicksand tab

Alright so I haven't written a tab in a while, in fact I don't really write tabs. This
basically one of my first... So hope you guys like it. Oh by the way, I kinda tried to
the strumming pattern but if you guys don't understand or whatever, just play it 
how you'd like. ;)

the strumming patterns is:
down= d
scratch up-su
scratch down-sd

d-sd-u-u-sd-su-(change chord)

Intro- ohhhh ohhh ohhh ohhh

|-5--1--3--5--||-7--3--5--7--||-5--3--5--5--| x2|-5--2--4--5--||-5--1--3--5--||-5--1--3--5--|
pre- verse 1 (this is right after the intro and before the verse)strumming pattern(connected to the intro... so right after)su-sd-su-sd-u-u|-5-||-7-||-5-||-5-||-5-||-5-|
these are the same chords as the intro and same pattern.|-5--1--3--5--||-7--3--5--7--||-5--3--5--5--||-5--2--4--5--| x4 (the fourth time where she says "and i'm in the quick sand", you want hit|-5--1--3--5-----------| that last chord just once)|-5--1--3--5-----------|
pre verse 2 strumming pattern : d-sd-u-u-sd-su-sd-u-u-su-sd-su-d-sd-u-u-sd-su-sd-u-u-su-sd-su the thing here is that you have to play the first chord and play then second on the up. and the following 3 scratches are for you to adjust to the next chord. the second set of are for the third chord followed by scratches to, again, adjust to the next chord. then repeat that whole pattern for the next set of chords. and this whole pattern is twice.
|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-7-7-2-10-10-7||-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-5-4-9--9--5| x2|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-7-3-8--10-5|
pre verse 1 right after(connected)
Verse same pattern
|-5--1--3--5--||-7--3--5--7--||-5--3--5--5--||-5--2--4--5--| x4|-5--1--3--5--||-5--1--3--5--|
Pre verse 2 same pattern
|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-7-7-2-10-10-7||-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-5-4-9--9--5| x2|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-7-3-8--10-5|
Interlude/Break (whatever you want to call it) pattern: this part is a bit hard to tell what the pattern is becasue it seems as if shes just into the song to even care how it sounds as long as it sounds good. ill give it a go. d-sd-u-u-d-u-u-d-u-u-d-u(change) on the second set of u's is where you add that pinky finger
|-5-5-3-3||-7-7-5-5||-5-5-3-3||-5-5-4-5| x2|-5-5-3-3||-5-7-3-3|
pre verse 2 pattern isnt important but if you must, just follow mine.
|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-7-7-2-10-10-7||-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-5-4-9--9--5| x2|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-7-3-8--10-5|
then elly strums this note repeatedly for 4 counts. strumming pattern doesn't matter. ;D
pre verse 2again, by this time youre probably really into the song and strumming doesnt matter socan just go all out, but if you do want to keep the pattern, feel free to do so.|-5-5-3-8--8--5||-7-7-2-10-10-7||-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-5-4-9--9--5||-5-5-3-8--8--5||-5-7-3-8--10-5| x4
she ends on:
thanks guys i had fun making this tab and i hope you guys like it as much as i do :D i was sick and tired when i did this so you sorry if theres mistakes or stuff in there..
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