La Sera – Never Come Around chords

Left handed
Capo II
D:   xx0232
Em:  022000
A:   x02220
G*:  355433
Ab*: 466544
A*:  577655  

D  Em  A
D  Em  A

D Em AIf you ever were to call me from L.A.
D Em AI would simply tell you that I've gone away
D Em AI can't handle hearing from you everyday
D Em A D I'll just cry forever, try to be okay-ay-ay-ay
Em A D Em A O-oh
D Em AYou would never call me 'cause you never cared
D Em AI can finally see that you were never there
D Em A DIf you ever call again I'll have to tell you I can't be your friend
Em A D Em A O-oh
G* Ab* A* Ab* G* Ab* A*Ooh
D Em A (x5)[Instrumental]
G* Ab* A* Ab* G* Ab* A*Ooh
D Em ADrive around forever searching for a clue
D Em AWhere to tell you I could never be with you
D Em ARun back to her love because it's over now
D Em A DSafe to say that baby never comes around
Em A D Em A D O-oh O-oh
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