Lab - Ding-dong tab

Lab is a finnish Gothic Rock Band , they're music is really good.

Arist : Lab
Album : Devil is a girl
Song : Ding-Dong
This is my first Tab , I'm not sure about the intro but i think it's ok .
Enjoy it !

Intro & Verse (0.03 min. )e |------------------------------------------------------------| [4x]H |------------------------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------------------------|D |-----------2----------2--------------------------2----------|A |--0-0-4------0--4------4---0--------3-4-5-------------4--0--|E |---------------------------------2--------------------------|
(or you can play the same like by the chorus ) Refrain (0.28 min. )
e |----------------| [play it a few times...]H |----------------|G |----------------|D |--7--4--5--6--|A |--7--4--5--6--|E |--5--2--3--4--|
( 1.31 min. )
e |--------------------------------------------------|H |--------------------------------------------------|G |--------------------------------------------------|D |--7-7--6-6--5-5--4-4-4----------------------------|A |--7-7--6-6--5-5--4-4-4----------------------------|E |--5-5--4-4--3-3--2-2-2--0-2-0-2-0-2-0-2-----------|
2.05 min. :
e |-----------| ( play it until the end of the song )H |-2-3-2-----|G |--------2--|DAE
When You Have two guitarrists the other one can play the chorus .
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