Labrinth - Earthquake tab

First Tab I've done and only meant to give an idea for an acoustic version. 
Very simply Cm  Eb  Bb  Gm  all way through 

E|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------|A|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|E|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-|x4 or the end of line Ďfor your make upí
Up and down strokes Down Strokes only E|-3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-| this for rest of song change backB|-4-4-4-4--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-| to tab above for beginning of verse G|-5-5-5-5--8-8-8-8--7-7-7-7--3-3-3-3-|D|-5-5-5-5--8-8-8-8--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|A|-3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-| Timing for changing chords goes with E|-3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-| main note in the song.
Below Iíve tried to put the first word over the strum it starts
Ladies..Gentlemen.. This .. thing A|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|E|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-|
A ... Breaker A|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|E|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-|
So let A-pologize..To the ..And the.. A|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|E|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-|
For .. make up A|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5-|E|----3-3-3-3--6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--3-3-3-3-| Listen to the song to get a better idea
Cm Eb Cause I'll make you ugly Bb Gm As soon as it drops We're on a rampage Bottles popping off Before you know it There's rubble and dust Cause we be f***** it up Somebody say... (you better run) Cm Eb Bb Yeah Gm Cm I predict an earthquake Eb Bb Up in here Cm Eb Cause we throw bombs on it Bb Gm Throw bombs on it Just smash something Yeah mosh for me
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