Lacrimas Profundere - For Bad Times tab

Standard tuning e b g d a E

s= slide

Intro and Verse-----------222--1s-2-s-1-s-3333--33--22--|-----------222--1s-2-s-1-s-3333--33--22--|-----------444--3s-4-s-3-s-5555--33--22--| repeat during verse----2222---444--3s-4-s-3-s-5555--55--44--|----2222---222--1s-2-s-1-s-3333--55--44--|-----------222--1s-2-s-1-s-3333--33--22--|
For Chorus play this with a phase distortion and let ring every note s= slide
Intro and Verse---------2----3----3----|---------2----3----3----|---------4----5----3----|----2----4----5----5----|----2----2----3----5----|---------2----3----3----|
interlude guitar 1 plays verse guitar 2 plays this
that's is all, im already working on the solo, i will post it later. Enjoy... this work is dedicate to all my friend and to those who didn't believe in me as an guitarist...
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