Lacrosse - You Cant Say No Forever chords version 2

CAPO 3rd!

[Verse 1]

CThere are still some things I'd like to say to you
Some things you should see
Am G Cbut since were not that close no more
Am G CI'm gonna have to let it be
CAlthough it's really annoying,
and is bugging me a lot
Am G CI'm just gonna be quiet,
Am G Cand maybe you will work it out - but I doubt it
F CYou cant say no forever, no no no,
G Csometimes you should let it slide, ah ah ah aaaah,
F CI know I'm not so clever, no no no no,
G Am G Cbut you're not the picky kind
[Verse 2]
CSometimes when I call you,
I just feel like hanging up
Am G CYouíre not getting any older
Am G Cand it never seems to stop
CNow if I was you're boyfriend/girlfriend,
I would tell you all of this
Am G CBut since we're not together
Am G CIím not saying anything at all
F CYou cant say no forever, no no no,
G Cyou have to let me in, ah ah ah aaaah,
F CYou are really stubborn, no no no no,
G Am G Cbut in the end I always win
C Am G x6Badadaaddadaddadaaaaaaa bada da ba da da
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