Lacuna Coil – Spellbound chords

Standard Tuning

I know, it's not EXACTLY the "chords" used by the band in the acoustic's only the chords I use when I play it alone with my friends.

Verse 1 :
Am FBurning here in my room
DmFeeling that
C A#mThe walls are moving closer
AmSight and seen
FThe dark takes me
DmLeads me to
C A#mThe ending of another day
AmI'm haunted
Chorus :
Am FTell me who you are
DmI am spellbound
C A#mYou cannot have this control on me
Am FEverywhere I go
DmI am spellbound
C A#mI will break the spell you put on me
Verse 2 : (Same as Verse1) Velvet drapes, glowing candles Silent whispers Of words inside of my head The nighttime comes It waits for me Leads me to The ending of another day I'm haunted [Chorus] (Guitar same as chorus) -Everywhere I go I am spellbound- [x3] I will break the spell you put on me.
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