Lacuna Coil - Humane tab

this is my fist tab so plz if there r en mistakes plz e-mail me

Tuning normal: EADgbe

the song starts of with a keyboard 

D5555777799995555| (repeat untill andrea starts singing)A3333555577773333|E----------------|
veres you walk on by.......e--------------------------------|b--------------------------------|g--------------------------------|
D55555555777733335555555577779999| (repeat x2)A33333333555511113333333355557777|E--------------------------------|
bridgethere's a place......e----------------|b----------------|g----------------|
chorusin your heart......e-------|b-------|g-------|D2-3-5-7| (repeat x4)A2-3-5-7|E0-1-3-5|
veres 2(like veres 1) theres a place to be a afraid bridge (like before) your hell is when you sleep..... chorus (like before)
interlude part1 (this bit is still played when christina is singing)e--------------------------------|b--------------------------------|g--------------------------------|
interlude part2e----------------------|b----------------------|g----------------------|D5------7------3------5|A5------7------3------5|E3------5------1------3|
chorus(same as before)
end on e----| b----| g----| D---5| A---5| E---3|
Thats it damn hard work that woz so i hope my hard work has payed off enjoy luv gothic_dude
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