Lacuna Coil - Cold Heritage tab

Cold Heritage

Main riff  plays through most of the song

Chorus timings are hard to figure out here: listen to the song for a better idea
e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|10-101010\8-888/10-101010\8-888/10-101010\8-888/10-101010/11-111111-|D| x- x x x\x-xxx/ x- x x x\x-xxx/ x- x x x\x-xxx/ x- x x x/ x--------| x x xA| 8- 8 8 8\6-666/ 8- 8 8 8\6-666/ 8- 8 8 8\6-666/ 8- 8 8 8\ 9- 9 9 9-|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ending riff played over the chorus
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