Lacuna Coil – Unspoken Acoustic tab

Song: Unspoken (Acoustic Studio Version)
Album: Comalies
Band: Lacuna Coil
Tabbed by M. Jahanzeb (JIII)
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The song is really awesome! Especially Christina's Voice...

Guitar1 Tuning: DADGBE (Low to High) - Dropped D
Guitar2 Tuning: EADGBE (Low to High) - Standard

The Riff at 0:33 onwardsE--------------------------"---"--------------------------------------|B--------------------------"---"--------------------------------------|G--------------------------"---"--------------------------------------|D------7--5--8`---7--5--4--"(2)"-----4-5-4--2--2/4--------------------| x2A---5----------------------"---"---------------5----------------------|D--------------------------"---"--------------------------------------|
The Chords sequence is
Part 1 [] Part 2 [] Em E7 Am [] Em C AmE---0---0---0---{]----0---0---0------|B---0---0---2---{]----0---1---2------|G---2---0---2---{]----2---0---2------|D---2---5---0---{]----2---2---0------|A---0---5-------{]----0---3----------|D-------3-------{]-------------------|
Intro ----------> Chords (Part1 x2 then Part2----------------------------------------|x2 Verses --------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Riff x2 + Same as intro PreChorus ----------> Riff---------------------------------------------------------------| x2 Chorus ----------> Strum reallt hard | Chords(Part2 x1 then Part1 x2------------------|x2 Verses --------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Same as Intro + Riff PreChorus ----------> Riff---------------------------------------------------------------| x2 Chorus ----------> Strum reallt hard | Chords (Part 2 x1 then Part 1 x2---------------| x2 And the song goes on like this... Any suggestions, comment and correction to my tabs please feel free to contact my @ :) Comments from the Tabber :P: This is my first tabbed song... I liked the riff so I gave a try... The riff is kinda like this as they played in TV2 - (Spain Studio). The riff is sounds like this one... but I could'nt figure the rest of the part niether I have found of its tabs on the internet.. I have to tabb all of the chords and stuff all by my I WILL TRY TO TAB WHOLE OF THE SONG ASAP:) Regards
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