Ladder Truck - Pre Packaged Food tab

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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 00:08:20 -0500
Subject: TAB:pre packaged food by ladder truck

Song: Pre Packaged Food
Band: Ladder Truck
Tabbed by: Honeyspdr9

this song is from an indie band in georgia and they rule, there like a cross
between pavement and smashing pumpkins. all they do is write songs about
people they know.

tuning 1/2 step down

chorus Am ? ? Em Ame----------------------2----3----2---------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------------|b----------------------3----3----3-----3-------1----------1--------| -1------------------1-------------------------------------------|g--------------------------------------------2-------2-------------| -2----5-------------2-------------------------------------------|d---------------------------------------------------------2--------| -2----5---5---2---2---------------------------------------------|a-------3-------3--------------------------------------------------| ------3---5---2------------------------------------------------|e----2------2------------------------------------------------------| -------------3---------------------------------------------------|
then play the chorus again, then verse, then chorus x2, then verse, then chorus x 2 then at the end of the chorus play:
e------------------|b------------------|g---2-----3----2---|d---3-----4----3---|a---3-----4----3---|e------------------|play this 3 times then:
here are the words: verse 1: when the little mushrooms come up in the dew, i will pick them out and make a stew for you, when your friends call i tell them that your not here, then we go to the kitchen and get a mexican beer, oh you know that iam so cool i liste to nirvana in the ladder truck on the way to school! chorus: ooh your never embarressed when i sit in the square watching you ooh ooh ooh, pina colada, minnie moochacha, ooh ava I love you. verse 2: i am balding and i am fat, oh i hope for nooooooooo heart attack, oh bolivia is so beautiful and our banana basket is so fruitiful, ooh your brothers and you are the joy of my life if it wasn''t againist the law i'd make you my wife! chorus verse: ooh i love those pictures of courtney love on your wall and i buy you cds with trent reznor at the mall, i love you promiscous daughter im the only one whos got her, my ava chorus well thats the end the song is supposedly about one of the band members ex- friend's dad or something quuer like that.
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