Lady Antebellum - Ready To Love Again chords version 1

Chords used: C, Am, G, F

Capo 3

C Am G C AmSeems like I was walking in the wrong direction, I barely recognized my own
G F F G C reflection. No, scared of love but scared of life alone.
C Am G C Seems I've been playing on the safe side lately, building walls around my
Am G F F F Cheart to save me. Oh, but it's time for me to let it go
F C G F Yeah I'm ready to feel now, no longer am I 'fraid of the fall down. It must
F C G be time to move on now, without the fear of how it might end. I guess I'm
F Gready to love again.
(Same chord progression) Just when you think that love will never find you, you've run away but still it's right behind you. Oh, it's just something that you can't control. Chorus
C G G FSo come and find me, I'll be waiting up for you. I'll be holding out for you tonight.
F G C Am G CI'm ready to love again.
Thanks XD - Swatsonsings
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