Lady Antebellum – We Owned The Night chords ver. 3

CAPO 6th Fret!!

G D Am C x2

Verse 1:

G D Tell me have you ever wanted
Am C Someone so much it hurts?
G DYour lips keep trying to speak
Am CBut you just can't find the words
EmWell I had this dream once;
C G D Am CI held it in my hands
G DShe was the purest beauty
Am CBut not the common kind
G DShe had a way about her
Am CThat made you feel alive
EmAnd for a moment
C G D Am CYou made the world stand still
Em C G D Am CYeah we owned the night
G DYou had me dim the lights;
Am CYou danced just like a child
G DThe wine spilled on your dress
Am CAnd all you did was smile
AmYeah, it was perfect
C G D Am CI hold it in my mind
Em C G Yeah, we owned the night
Em C
EmWhen the summer rolls around
And the sun starts sinking down
CI still remember you
Oh, I remember you
EmAnd I wonder where you are
CAre you looking at those same stars again?
DDo you remember when?
G DWe woke under a blanket
Am CAll tangled up in skin
G DNot knowing in that moment
Am CWe'd never speak again
AmBut it was perfect;
C G D Am CI never will forget
Em C G D Am CWhen we owned the night
Em C G Yeah, we owned the night
G D Am C x6
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