Lady Gaga – Summerboy chords ver. 3

Left handed
Summerboy - Lady Gaga
originally this song is in the key of E but i do it two half steps lower in the key of D 
fit my range. do it two halfsteps higher if you want.
the chords are a bit difficult and are more intermediate and there may be some 
(since i figured these chords out myself) but it's very close to the original.

Chords Used:

Dmaj7 Em7 A7E|-----5--------| E|-----7--------| E|-----5--------|B|-----7--------| B|-----8--------| B|-----5--------|G|-----6--------| G|-----7--------| G|-----6--------|D|-----7--------| D|-----9--------| D|-----5--------|A|-----5--------| A|-----7--------| A|-----7--------|E|-----5--------| E|-----7--------| E|-----5--------|
Bm7 B7 GE|-----7--------| E|-----7--------| E|-----3--------|B|-----7--------| B|-----7--------| B|-----3--------|G|-----7--------| G|-----8--------| G|-----4--------|D|-----7--------| D|-----7--------| D|-----5--------|A|-----9--------| A|-----9--------| A|-----5--------|E|-----7--------| E|-----7--------| E|-----3--------|
Gm Em7add2 Em7add2 variant 1 (Emv1) play the base note your thumbE|-----3--------| E|-----0--------| E|-----x--------|B|-----3--------| B|-----7--------| B|-----7--------|G|-----3--------| G|-----7--------| G|-----6--------|D|-----5--------| D|-----5--------| D|-----5--------|A|-----5--------| A|-----7--------| A|-----7--------|E|-----3--------| E|-----0--------| E|-----6--------|
Note: Figure out your own strumming pattern. Intro: it's just a D chord. you could figure it out Verse:
Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Bm7Nowhere yah were goin' no where fast
Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Bm7Maybe this time I'll be yours, you'll be mine
Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Bm7C-c-c-crazy get your ass in my bed
Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Bm7 B7 (B7 is optional, but i would play it)Maybe you'll be just my summer boyfriend, summer boy
Chorus: Em7add2 Emv1 Let's get lost, you can take me home, somewhere nice, we can be alone
Dmaj7 Bm7Bikini top's comin o-o-off
Em7add2 Don't be sad when the sun goes down Emv1 You'll wake up and i'm not around
Dmaj7 Bm7I've got to go oh oh oh oh oh
G GmWe'll still have the summer after all
Em7Hey there summer boy
A7Let's go for a drive
Dmaj7Take me for a ride
Bm7Never gonna close our eyes
Em7Hey there summer boy
A7I'm a busy girl
Dmaj7Don't have too much time
Bm7Hurry up before I change my mind
Em7Hey there summer boy
A7I'm takin off my heels
Dmaj7Let's go for a run
Bm7Have a little summer fun
Bm7Have a little summer fun
Bm7 B7Summer boy
Chorus and then fade out with the intro. Thank you hope you found this useful!
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