Lady Gaga – So Happy I Could Die chords


FEh-eh Eh-eh
EmEh-eh Eh-eh
F G I love that lavender blonde
Em The way she moves
The way she walks
AI touch myself can't get enough
F G And in the silence of the night
EmThrough all the tears
And all the lies
AI touch myself and it's alright
F G Just give in
Em Don't give up baby
AOpen up your heart and your mind to me
F G Just know when
EmThat glass is empty
AThat the world is gonna bend
F Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine
GStars in our eyes 'cuz we're having a good time
AmEh-eh Eh-eh
D So happy I could die
FBe your best friend
Yeah I'll love you forever
GUp in the clouds
We'll be higher than ever
AmEh-eh Eh-eh
DSo happy I could die
And it's alright (Intro again) Verse:
F GI am as vain as I allow
EmI do my hair
I gloss my eyes
AI touch myself all through the night
F GAnd when something falls out of place
EmI take my time
I put it back
AI touch myself
Till I'm on track (Repeat Bridge and Chorus til end)
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